Thursday, February 05, 2009

Me & Today...

What is so special about today?? Hmm... Special because I only have about 4 hours of sleeping last night... (helping Miss Kia Hooi burning the Treasure Hunt dvds)... and also... I'm wearing something different outfit... Habis semua dok tegur2 ku.... ewah! ewah! hehe...
Actually dah pkai baju ni kalau kat umah... hehe... korang sumer yang tak pernah tengok lagi...hehehe... Me look thin in this picture!!! Thanks Izz... Like this one very much... =D
After Future Studies class with Prof.Moses, helped Miss Kia Hooi with the Juniors & Seniors Meeting event this Saturday. Dr. Juliana drop by for spot checks.. (tu yang berlakon rajin tu...huahuahua)

Let me introduce to you all... This is my...(not boypren aa.. jgn buat gossip..hehe) This is Mr.Vincet. My vocal instructor. Pergh... this man may look very small & good looking too.. ewaah. But, he got a 'WOW" voice ever!! Suddenly he sing HIGH, then change to LOW voice. Long, melodious and clear voice. He should come up with an album.It is my turn!!!! Singing the song entitled Bukan Cinta Biasa by DCT and the assigned song entitled Long Time Ago. (An American folksong) Imagine the technique of singging this type of song. Try listen to Il Divo then...hehe.

As usual, we shall end our day by capturing ourselves, (Alan, Zaff & Maal) via the mirror wall at the vocal class. And using.... MY BABY PINK CAMERA!!!

Outing with housemates...

Hmm... recapping on what had happened yesterday.... Setelah sekian lama kebanyakkan housemates ku mengidam steamboat... Akhirnyer, tercapai matlamat... termakbul hasrat...hehehe...

Here we are at the Flaming steamboat buffet beside Sunway Pyramid. It is very cheap. Just about RM20 per person. Eat anything you want.

Ni gambar lepas makan... Everyone... inhale....(tarik nafas..) kasi perut kempis ya??

Tengok laa mereka2 tu... Iskh3... Crazy for the seafood....

Azlan in the grey shirt, Aizam in the cream baju kurung, Aqmaal in the purple baju kurung,
Anis sitting beside Azlan... Cik Jue pink tudung, Izzwaida grenn tudung while Mazliana in white tudung and specs.

Where's Lina?? Lina was still inside... taking out all the food...huahuahua..Udah2 la tu lina wooi..=P

After we had the 'makan besar'.. "sik fan lo" ... Departure to PJ!!! This time, Aqmaal would not be able to send half of the housemates back. Mari kita semua berfikir.... The answer was.... Submat Cik Jue & Anis dalam bonet Kembara Aizam!!!!!

Dahsyat tak?? Iskh..iskh...iskh... Anok sapo la ni? =p

Sampai Cik Aizam terpaksa tambah kapasiti angin dalam tayar gara-gara... 7 anak dara dalam satu Kembara.

Alhamdullillah, our journey back home was in a very smooth journey. Siap buat kerja gila drop by UM tgh malam2 buta tu... pusing2 Fakulti Kejuruteraan. To conclude, Me, zaffirah bt zaini would like to say A MILLION OF THANKS for A VERY WONDERFUL NIGHT EVER...
Thanks Aizam for being our driver that night... Kawan-kawan semua.. say thanks to Aizam. Say.... (hehehe...)