Saturday, May 09, 2009

14 hours before the 2nd B.Ed Tesl Dinner at Eden, StarHill...

Later that evening, Miss Ah Hooi requested help to accompany and get the door gifts ready. Jangan ada yang buat spekulasi ku tak mandi plak ya. Even though I'm wearing the same shirt, ku mandi tau... cuma baju jek malas nak tukar. Hehehe....

Kia Hooi dropped me and Peik Jin at the roadside first before she went and parked her car. Tengok tu, berkotak-kotak tu angkat sorang. (Nampak sangat la penipunyer nak amik kredit sengsorang) This is when I asked Peik Jin to capture my action. Hehehe... Poyo ku makin menjadi-jadi nampaknyer.

These are the 'goodie' bags. About hundred something.... Forgotten already. hahaha.....

"Peik Jin come and polish up your skill in taking pictures." hahaha... Mendera miss Peik Jin. Hey, it would be a very mythical thing to happen if Peik Jin will follow your order tau. (ooppsss!! Termengumpats you plak... sorry!! =p)

The three 'sepet' ladies at Eden!! hahaha.... Only me with tudung, haaa... feeling so special. "Please be patient Kia Hooi... after this where is our next destination?"
"Of course SS2 Murini."-Kia Hooi
"Alamak... makan kah? Spoilt my diet loorr...."- Me
"I am damn hungry"- Peik Jin.